Hiking at the Linville Falls Visitors Center....The Lower Trail

I have done this hike a couple of times.  Always fun.  I think it is called the  Linville Falls Plunge Basin Trail.  It is the trail just left of the Linville Falls Visitors Center.  It is a more difficult trail then the one to the right.  Both are lovely. Here is some info on that hike found on Asheville Trails

Linville Falls Plunge Basin Trail
"The hike departs from the Linville Falls visitor center, located off the Blue Ridge Parkway at MP 316 (view maps and driving directions), hanging a left in front of the visitor center. The trail splits almost immediately at a signed junction: the Dugger Falls Trail veers left, and the Plunge Basin Overlook and Gorge Floor Trail turns right. The hike follows signs to the overlook, trailing eastbound through a forest filled with leathery-leafed rhododendron."

Erica be careful!
Below is some info from Hike Western NC.  Here is what they had to say....

Linville Falls - Plunge Basin Hike

"A short but rugged trail takes you to the base of this impressive falls; the roughness is mitigated somewhat since it's short. Stare up at the gorge walls and marvel at the water churning through a narrow chasm before plunging into the deep pool at the bottom. A side spur to a classic overlook is also included."

There was some challenging aspect to this trail.  It was steep, and there was little to grab hold of for support during the descent or the climb back up.  I would recommend a walking stick for this trail.

 The stairs were a nice touch....

We made it to the base of the falls...
 We brought along a picnic lunch from Subway...

Great day hiking in the NC mountains with Erica.  Can't wait to go again.
Get out and explore!


  1. This looks like a BEAUTIFUL hike!! I've heard such great things about Linville Gorge and I'm working up for a big backpacking trip there. The problem is since it's a wilderness the trails aren't marked or maintained so it's super easy to get lost. I didn't know there was a visitor's center and shorter trails though; I'll have to check this out first for a weekend trip and get a feel for the area :)

    1. Hey Liz,
      You can easily do both trails in one day. The upper being easier then the lower. Here is a link that my help you find your way https://www.nps.gov/blri/planyourvisit/linville-falls-trails.htm Have fun:-)

  2. I used to love hiking when I was younger! It's been forever since I've been though, even though we have some beautiful trails where I currently live. I'm not sure how I would handle it now, though, since I've gotten more and more scared of heights as I've gotten older. I would have been scared to death to stand on that rock or even sit on it like you two did! I love the waterfall picture and it was probably a nice reward at the end of the hike.

    1. Hey Alexandria, You can see my daughter was a bit braver or should I say more foolish, getting closer to the edge:-) Yes the waterfall was a great reward but better then that was the winery we visited after the hike. Lineville Falls Winery...wonderful! Thanks for stopping by my blog:-)

  3. Fantastic pictures. This makes me want to take a hike! I'm adding Linville to my list of places to visit. :)

    1. Hi Anna Marie, yes do take a hike. I love being outside and taking in the beauty:-)

  4. Ok this looks like a VERY picturesque spot!! The hike looks so rewarding too.. I can imagine hiking in the presense of the beautiful waterfall!!

    1. It is a beautiful spot. It was rewarding in that we made it to the waterfall and had a subway lunch and then when we completed the hike we went to a nearby winery. Wonderful day:-)


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