Celebrity Dairy Open Barn Event

I have been to Celebrity Dairy three times for their open barn events.  So much fun.  The location is beautiful and the baby goats adorable.  They are open this weekend but sadly I will not be able to attend.  That won't stop me from going back and looking at my old blog posts and remembering the joy of my prior visits.  I will stop by their website and see what is happening.  Join me....
A quote from their site in regard to an open barn event...
"We'll have lots of kids by then, and chances are pretty good that more than one birth will occur during our Open Barn. No matter what the weather, the action occurs in the barn, and under a roof. Come dressed for the weather. If you're hungry, we'll have food and beverages available in the Inn."

I just had a wonderful time exploring Celebrity Dairy via my blog.
It is not only a farm but an Inn.  You can stay the night and enjoy a country breakfast and spend time with the goats.  Sounds heavenly to me.  I may have to go spend a night or two.
Happy Travels Everyone!


  1. how cute is this experience!! i love your awesome shots :-)

    1. It is a fun place. I love to see the little goats. If you live near by you should check it out:-)

  2. So cute. Your photos are terrific. When my niece was much younger, her parents were having problems weaning her off the bottle. So, my mom and I took her to a goat farm and she fed a baby goat with a bottle. The next time she wanted a bottle- we said the goat got it. She cried and said ""mean old goat," but after a while- she was fine. She's a mother now of two little ones.

    1. What a great story. I will share it with my daughter who has a 7 month old:-)


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