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Childress Vineyards in Lexington NC

There are a ton of wineries in NC.  Childress is one that Cindy and I had the opportunity to visit last Nov.  It is beautiful.

We signed up for the winery tour.  One of the first things they asked was "is there anyone here who has not heard the Childress name?"  I think Cindy and I were the only ones to raised a reluctant hand.  The inaudible gasps were deafening.  We soon learned he is a NASCAR guy and NASCAR is huge in NC.  Here is a quote from their site....

"By opening the doors to Childress Vineyards in 2004, NASCAR team owner Richard Childress fulfilled a longtime dream that grew from the days when he first began racing in California and visited wineries with friends. What began as camaraderie and good times soon became an engaging passion for world-class wines and then the vision to build a world-class winery."

We visited right before Christmas.  I loved the entry door.

Let the tour begin....

(The photo below is me after several drinks:-)
Now for the outdoor tour...
Great place for a wedding.

Cindy welcoming all to the vineyards...

They have a Bistro on site.
It is a lovely place to sip a glass of wine while enjoying a wonderful meal.

I had the delicious chicken salad.  I would order it again. Yummy!
The gift shop all decorated for the holidays.

My favorite scripture.....;-)

Get out and explore.  I suggest you visit Childress Vineyards.  You won't be disappointed.  

1000 Childress Vineyards Road 
Lexington, NC 27295
A few facts from their website...


  • Childress Vineyards is the largest winery in the Yadkin Valley.
  • The Yadkin Valley was established in 2002. It was the first AVA in NC; there are now two others, Swan Creek and Haw River Valley.
  • 90% of the wines available in the Tasting Room are made from grapes grown on the two different properties.
  • Our terroir consists of gentle rolling hills, a growing season of 210 days and less rainfall than the majority of the Yadkin Valley. It has unique soil characteristics including red clay and sandstone.
  • Roses are planted at the end of some rows and act as an indicator crop for signs of disease or infestation. Judy, Richard’s wife, picked out the roses.
  • Our vineyard manager is Max Ferrell. He manages the entire vineyard at both properties.
  • Grass in-between the rows of vines absorbs excess water from heavy rainy days.
  • One acre typically produces 4 tons of grapes, translating into 660 gallons or 3,300 bottles of wine.


  1. Childress is a lovely winery, and the wine is good too! Your pictures are terrific, thanks for sharing your visit. :)


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