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Hiking at the Linville Falls Visitors Center....The Lower Trail

I have done this hike a couple of times.  Always fun.  I think it is called the  Linville Falls Plunge Basin Trail.  It is the trail just left of the Linville Falls Visitors Center.  It is a more difficult trail then the one to the right.  Both are lovely. Here is some info on that hike found on  Asheville Trails Linville Falls Plunge Basin Trail "The hike departs from the Linville Falls visitor center, located off the Blue Ridge Parkway at MP 316 ( view maps and driving directions ), hanging a left in front of the visitor center. The trail splits almost immediately at a signed junction: the Dugger Falls Trail veers left, and the Plunge Basin Overlook and Gorge Floor Trail turns right. The hike follows signs to the overlook, trailing eastbound through a forest filled with leathery-leafed rhododendron." Erica be careful! Below is some info from   Hike Western NC .   Here is what they had to say.... Linville Falls - Plunge Basin Hike "A short

Piedmont Farm Tour....Farm 1 Sunset Ridge Buffalo Farm....2016

Time for the 21st annual Piedmont Farm Tour.  I have been on the tour one other time and I was excited to check out a few farms this year.  It was held on Saturday and Sunday so we went out both days.  There were 38 farms on the tour.  We were able to visit 4..... Caleb, Erica, and Kathiey's farm adventure.  The first farm on our list was a buffalo farm in Roxboro. Sunset Ridge Buffalo Farm  As we arrived we saw the buffalo in the field.  It was at some distance but they were amazing. The storm clouds were moving in as we drove up the road to check in for our adventure.  We made it to the gazebo just in time.  It poured.  No worries though.  We enjoyed a buffalo burger while sitting beside a beautiful lake.  Life is good.  (Caleb wanted nothing to do with the burger.  He had chips:-) Caleb and Erica ventured down the trail to get a bit closer to the buffalo.  After this visit Caleb was able to add the term cow pie to his vocabulary. Although, I guess it w

Weekend Fun in NC...March 24-26, 2017

It's almost the weekend...Happy Day!!!  Here are a few activities I found to do in NC this weekend.  I am sure there are many more. * Cape Fear Craft Beer Week is held in the Wilmington NC area from March 24-April 2.  It appears to be a large event with many activities.  Check it out at the above link. * March 25 9am-5pm  Asheville Orchid Festival  * March 25th  Music and wine tasting at South Creek Vineyards an Winery  in Nebo NC VINEYARD DECK MUSIC SERIES ~ TODD GREENE ~ TASTING ROOM OPENS AT 11, MUSIC AT 1PM * Historic Hillsborough Walking Tour in Hillsborough NC March 25 @ 11:00 am  -  12:30 pm  There is a fee that you need to pay online for this event.  Check out the link above.   *March 25, 2017 The Catawba Valley Pottery and Antiques Festival in Hickory NC.  If you are into pottery this would be a lot of fun.  Please check out the above link to verify times and pricing. * March 26, 2017 The Raleigh Food and Wine Festival.. Try and

Piedmont Farm Tour...Farm #2 Avillion Farm

We left the buffalo farm and headed to the next one on our list, Avillion Farm.  Here is the short description they give on  Facebook . . "A small farm in rural northern Orange County, NC, Avillion raises Shetland and Jacob sheep, angora goats (colored, white) and angora rabbits (Germans, German crossbreds, French)." Our visit in photos with a few sheep facts I found on PBS... Texas, Wyoming and California are the U.S. states with the highest number of sheep.  PBS Bits of sheep can also be found in tennis rackets (strings made of sheep guts), candles and soap (tallow rendered from sheep fat) and most cosmetics and skincare products  (lanolin, an emollient found in sheep’s wool). PBS  Biggest dog ever and one of the friendliest:-) Sheep and goats may look similar, but they’re different species. Sheep have 54 chromosomes, while goats have 60 chromosomes. PBS  When I saw this Mom and baby I thought of being protected under