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Small Cakes Cupcakery in Cary NC

Small Cakes Cupcakery and Creamery  was founded by Jeff Martin in Overland Park KS, in 2008.  (I used to live in Overland Park:-) According to their website it is now in 160 locations in the USA.  They have been featured on The FoodNetwork and The View.  USA Today lists Small Cakes as one of the top ten cupcake places to try in the country. I like their slogan... "Maybe a cupcake will help?"   It sure can't hurt! As luck would have it, there are eight locations in North Carolina.  We decided to check out the Cary location . Here is a quote from their website... "Smallcakes bakes and frosts  12 signature flavors  of cupcakes every morning!  Smallcakes features seasonal and special flavors." I love their unique decor. I would describe it as whimsical elegance. I have been several times and each time I am welcomed with fresh made   and beautifully decorated cupcakes.  The cupcake itself is moist with a luscious creamy frost

Food Truck Adventure..The Wandering Moose

(logo from their website) Fourth of July weekend was upon us.  Stephanie, Maggie and I decided to go check out a local fireworks venue. And Happy Day they had food trucks.  It is always difficult to choose just one truck.  We looked at our options and decided to go with  The Wandering Moose .  I love the logo. "serving slow cooked meats, scratch-made sauces, and fresh sides" (Above quote and logo from their website) We looked over the menu.... . We had to try the Smokey Bacon Mac N Cheese.  So good!  Yummy chunks of bacon all in a creamy mac and cheese sauce. Maggie loved it and licked the bowl clean.  I would most definitely order that again!   "Smokey Bacon Mac N Cheese Creamy mac n cheese with home-made bacon chunks" Wandering Moose Stephanie ordered... "The Moose Cubano Slow roasted pork, homemade bacon, melted Swiss/American cheese, Gulden's mustard, and pickles served between pressed Cia