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Let's Say a Toast to North Carolina

I was browsing North Carolina on my computer and found a Toast written to my state.   There is no indication as to who wrote the toast which I found on .  I find North Carolina to be a beautiful state.  There is such variety here.  You have the mountains in the west and ocean to our east and a ton of things in between. There is so much to enjoy and discover.  There are wineries, museums, and marvelous hiking trails just to mention a few.  With that in mind, I too will say a toast to my home state of NC. North Carolina Toast "Here's to the land of the long leaf pine, The summer land where the sun doth shine. Where the weak grow strong and the strong grow great, Here's to "Down Home," the Old North State." Author Unknown What state would you toast? Happy Travels and Adventures! KathieyV

A Climb up Chimney Rock in Chimney Rock/Lake Lure NC

 One of my goals in visiting Lake Lure was to climb the stairs to the Chimney Rock at  Chimney Rock State Park .  I had heard there was a staircase of over 500 steps that lead to the rock and I could not wait to venture up the stairway. Below is a quote from the park website... "Chimney Rock, the 535-million-year-old monolith for which the Park is named, is considered one of the most iconic sites in North Carolina. From its top, you’ll soak in the 75-mile panoramic views of Hickory Nut Gorge and Lake Lure. You can hike to the top of this towering 315-foot granite outcropping located on the very edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains. At an elevation of 2,280 feet above sea level, this mountaintop experience will take your breath away. The climb is well worth the effort!" The  entrance  to the park is found in Chimney Rock Village. There is my destination...The top of Chimney Rock. For those who cannot traverse the many steps to the top, there is an  Elevator , a

Blast From the Past, The Fire Pit at Chetola Resort in Blowing Rock NC

"Explore Chetola Resort at Blowing Rock, an 87-acre resort within walking distance of a quaint mountain village, neighboring a 3,600-acre National Park and surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina." Chetola Resort Site One of our favorite spots at the Chetola Resort in Blowing Rock NC was the Fire Pit.  If you go you will find this delightful location just outside the Timberlake's Restaurant. Be sure and secure a drink  from the bar before you venture out. " At the turn of the 20th century, it was known for its natural beauty and therapeutic qualities. It is fitting that in Cherokee, Chetola means "Haven of Rest." Today it spans 87 magnificent acres in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains and has come to be known as a world-class resort." Chetola Resort-History ...Beautiful Walkway... I like this photo because you can see the fire in the glass.  Did I plan this? Of course not:-)   ...Erica enjoy

A Visit to Joyner Park in Wake Forest NC

              Several weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit  Joyner Park  in Wake Forest NC. Joyner Park has restored original farm buildings, a pecan grove, and a 1,000 lawn seat amphitheater.    There are two gardens in the park.  The Walker Garden and a Performance Garden.  You will find a 2,000 foot stone wall on the property plus three miles of paved trails. If you live in the area or find yourself in the town of Wake Forest, you should check out the park.  I spoke with several people that visit the park on a regular basis.  They said they love to picnic there and that they enjoy the events held on the property.  They love that it brings the community together. Happy Travels and Adventures! KathieyV ( )

Picking Pumpkins at Unchurch Farm in Cary NC

On a warm fall day, we decided to take an adventure.  Caleb, Maggie, Steph, and I took a short ride to  Upchurch Farm  in Cary NC.  The goal was to enjoy some time outside and gather a few pumpkins for our fall decorating. There were tractors and plenty of room to run around... Lots of play areas.  There was a hay maze, corn cribs, a small barnyard. The kiddo's loved the bouncy platform... I loved taking photos... Maggie enjoyed the baby goats.. I don't remember ever picking a pumpkin, but there is a first time for everything.  We grabbed a wagon loaded the kids up and ventured into the pumpkin patch.  What fun as we each selected our favorite pumpkin. Caleb and Maggie with the pumpkin harvest. On their site, they said they would remain open for the fall season into early November.  If you missed the pumpkin picking this year do plan a trip to Upchurch Farm next year, it is a great place to visit with the kids. Get out and explore! KathieyV:

Claws Mini-Faire Event at Doyle's Vineyard in Durham NC

Doyle's Vineyard  in Durham was hosting an event they called Claws Mini-Faire.  Here is how they described it on their Facebook page. "Join us for our biggest event of the year! CLAWS will be hosting a mini-renaissance style festival at Doyle's Vineyard."   Claw's Inc  rehabilitates wildlife and rescues exotic pets.  For this event, they were displaying several birds of prey and releasing a few of the rehabilitated birds back into the wild.   Below are a few photos of some of the beautiful birds.... We also enjoyed sword fighting demonstrations put on by  Sword Conservatory. (Caleb and I with a very nice knight) We watched a show put on by the League of  Extraordinary Belly Dancers.   What a group of very nice and talented ladies. It was great being with my family at this event.  We enjoy good wine, entertainment and of course seeing the birds fly to freedom. Thanks for a great time, yet again, Doyle's Vineyard.  Can't wait

NC Author Quote "My Story My Divorce God's Promise, The Beginning" by KathieyV

This is quote from my book, "My Story My Divorce God's Promise".  You can check it out by hitting the link below.  I would be grateful if you would buy the book and then let me know what you think.  I would love to hear your story. The link above is where you can buy the book if you are interested.  I am an Amazon Affiliate and will get a small percentage of any purchase you make on Amazon if you go through this link.  Don't worry it is of no extra cost to you:-) KathieyV

North Carolina Reading...Fiction...A Killer Plot by Ellery Adams

I just finished a book called "A Killer Plot" by Ellery Adams.  Ellery is a native New Yorker that now lives in North Carolina.  Her book takes place in North Carolina, and that is why I decided to read it. I love reading books that mention things related to North Carolina.  Although the town in the book is a fictional town, Krispy Kreme Donuts and Black Beard the pirate mentioned in her writings are not. I liked the way she placed quotes from well-known authors at the beginning of each chapter.  I will share a few... "Dying is a very dull, dreary affair.  And my advice to you is to have nothing whatever to do with it." W. Somerset Maugham "When one's character begins to fall under suspicion and disfavor, how swift, then, is the work of disintegration and destruction." Mark Twain I enjoyed the book.  It is an easy read and even with murder involved it is not too graphic.  I enjoyed the characters and of course the main characters dog an