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Banner Elk Winery in Banner Elk NC

A couple of weeks ago my family and I took off for the mountains of North Carolina.  We rented a house near Blowing Rock and Boone for our family vacation. No matter where you find yourself in N.C. you can usually find a winery nearby.  When ever I travel I try to visit a new to me wine shop or winery in the area.  This vacation was no exception.  Erica, T-Josh and I took off in search of  Banner Elk Winery  in Banner Elk NC. It was a beautiful drive.  T-Josh was the driver of the evening and took us on some beautiful mountain roads, and with the windows open we breathed in the refreshing mountain air.  Wonderful. We arrived and were greeted the wooden Elk just outside of the tasting room.  Then went inside to find some much-needed wine. We each selected our wine and then headed out to enjoy the evening.  We found some nice seats outside overlooking the property.  Lovely view.  Here is what they say on their website "Banner Elk Winery &Villa is the most celebrated w

"Fun & Fabulous Murals"...The Monsters Wall in Raleigh NC

I am finding on my travels that there are amazing murals to be found in nearly every town and city.  I am going to start a new series called "Fun and Fabulous Murals." The first mural I am going to highlight is the "Monsters" wall in downtown Raleigh NC.  I had zero knowledge of this design until my daughter hired a photographer to take photos of her and the kiddos.  It was suggested we go to the monster wall for some great shots.  So off we went. The mural covers the entire side wall of a building.  The contrast of the black and white made it a stunning work of art.  Here is what the news and observer had to say about the mural... "Graphic artist Kevin Lyons, in partnership with the Truth campaign and Vans shoes, put the finishing touches on a mural on the side of the Morgan West building, home to Trophy Brewing, on Thursday, December 3, 2015. Tobacco-free messages are worked into the painting. With about 100 of his sig

The Quarter Horse Bar and Arcade in Durham NC

(Logo from their website) The Quarter Horse Bar and Arcade  in Downtown Durham. Cindy and I were exploring in Durham again and she mentioned The Quarter Horse Bar and Arcade.  She had been once before and said it was fun.  I had never heard of it so I said "lets go!"..... Quote from their site... "Quarter Horse Bar & Arcade is a private club with an amazing collection of classic arcade and pinball machines." When you arrive you are greeted by a staff member.  He or she will have you fill out a membership form.  You have to be over 21 to be a member.  That being said they do also have some kid friendly hours. A few hours on Saturday and Sunday.  The kiddos have to be accompanied by an adult.  Check their website for hours. When you walk in you will see a nice bar and dozens of pinball machines and games.  What fun.  I could have stayed for hours.  The games brought back memories of the arcades of my childhood. Cindy and

Luna Rotisserie/Empanadas in Durham NC

Cindy and I were in downtown Durham and decided to check out  Luna Rotisserie/Empanadas  for dinner They describe themselves as combination of South America and the American South in their cuisine.  "The concept for Luna came as a result of my love for Durham, South America, and delicious food."  Chef and owner Shawn Stokes Read about Shawn and his wife  here My favorite item of the evening was the  Crispy Yuca Frits.  What in the world is that?  Well I did not know either.  Here is a  definition I found on line Definition: Yuca Frita is a a side dish made from the fried root of the cassava plant (as opposed to the yucca plant). Usually, the root is cut into  two- or three-inch chunks and deep-fried in vegetable oil. Trip Savvy I would order them again in a heartbeat.   Initially I thought there is no way I will like them as much as french fries.   I was wrong, they are yummy. They were very friendly at Luma and I hope to go back and try more