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Wine Wednesday-Let's Visit a NC Winery-tunnel Creek Vineyards in Roxboro NC

  It's Wine Wednesday.  Let's visit a local winery.   Tunnel Creek Vineyards in Roxboro, NC. Here is a quote from their website... "Imagine a place where serenity meets exhilaration, modesty meets magnificence, and exclusivity meets affordability." It is about an hour and twenty-minute drive from where I live in West Cary.  I like to drive, especially in the country, so the trip was a joy. Let's head in for a tasting... The tasting room is lovely.  I like the wood and the long bar.  It is a beautiful venue for a wine tasting. The wine tasting cost $20.00.  The range in wine prices that I found online was $24.99-$48.99. Another quote from the site... "This gorgeous facility boasts an all-wood interior that looks and smells amazing.   One cannot help but feel this is the perfect setting to taste new wines."  Here is a list of their wines.  Quote from the site... "Want to stay inside as close to the wine as possible?  Our live music and indoor seating