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Let's Go To A Rodeo in Raleigh NC. Carousal Farms

Did you know you can go to a rodeo in Raleigh NC?  Yep, you can, every Tuesday night from May-September  Carousel Farms  has a rodeo with bull riding and barrel racing.   Here is what they say on their website... "From action packed professional bull riding to fast paced barrel racers, you have a chance to get up and personal with some of the best cowboys and cowgirls on the east coast. Many thanks for visiting our web site; come on out and see us at the arena on Tuesday nights."  No, I did not ride the mechanical bull.  Would you?  The Flag Girls  Barrel Racing  During intermission people were invited into the arena for The Chicken Dance.   My favorite part, the Bull Riding  The Cowboys I had a really nice time at Carousal Farms.  So if you would like to go a rodeo and you live near Raleigh I suggest you give Carousal Farms a try.  It is a cash only venue.  The night I went the cost was $9.00 admission and parking is free.

My Visit To Tryon Palace in New Bern NC

I was so excited to be in New Bern NC.  First on my list of places to see,  Tryon Palace .   Here is a quote from their  website ... Royal Governor William Tryon and his family brought architect John Hawks from London to design and build the Georgian-style structure. Completed in 1770, Tryon Palace served as the first permanent capitol of North Carolina and home to the Tryon family.   In 1798, fire destroyed the original Palace building. An extensive 30-year campaign to rebuild the Palace and restore the grounds was launched by the people of New Bern, state leaders, world craftsmen, and generous, dedicated citizens such as Mrs. James Edwin Latham. Their efforts led to the triumphal reopening of the Palace in 1959.  The palace architectural style was described to me as Georgian.   I was told the interior decor was the same. I asked what the filler was for the mattresses.  The answer was feathers.  When the weather was hot, and the feathers became too warm, they coul

The Churches of New Bern NC- My Walking Tour

Churches and Cemeteries Tour  I walked the downtown streets of New Bern taking in the beauty of the churches. The steepled skyline is beautiful. I hope you enjoy the photos. If you find yourself in New Bern take some time to enjoy the beauty of the local churches.  The history and architecture are amazing. Happy Travels and Adventures! KathieyV

North Carolina Trivia; New Bern NC

North Carolina Trivia New Bern New Bern was founded in 1710 and is the second oldest town in North Carolina. (The oldest town is Bath NC) Now you are ready for trivia night! KathieyV:-)