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Doyle's Vineyard in Durham NC

I was in the mood to explore.  I called Erica and said "let's visit Doyle's Vineyard".  I did not have to ask her twice. Doyle's Vineyard  is located in Durham NC on NC Highway 751.  Doyle's is the RTP tasting location for  RagApple Lassie Vineyards  in the Yadkin Valley of NC. Doyle's has a  Facebook  page where you find a list of upcoming events.  I love how they open their winery to the community.  In the past I have seen dog-friendly events, Easter Egg Hunts for both adults and children, they even had an owl release.  This all sounds fantastic to me, plus you can sip their wine while enjoying the fun:-) They have a main lobby area and from there you can enter the tasting room through a narrow passageway.  Erica ventured in before me.... What a unique and interesting room. I love the label.  Notice the arrowhead shaped pendent on the cow?  There is story behind the pendent and the cow.  You can read more at the  RagApple Lassie website.

Piedmont Farm Tour... Avillion Farm 2016

We left the buffalo farm and headed to the next one on our list, Avillion Farm.  Here is the short description they give on  Facebook . . "A small farm in rural northern Orange County, NC, Avillion raises Shetland and Jacob sheep, angora goats (colored, white) and angora rabbits (Germans, German crossbreds, French)." Our visit in photos with a few sheep facts I found on PBS... Texas, Wyoming and California are the U.S. states with the highest number of sheep.  PBS Bits of sheep can also be found in tennis rackets (strings made of sheep guts), candles and soap (tallow rendered from sheep fat) and most cosmetics and skincare products  (lanolin, an emollient found in sheep’s wool). PBS  Biggest dog ever and one of the friendliest:-)  He was taller then me but that is not saying a lot:-) Sheep and goats may look similar, but they’re different species. Sheep have 54 chromosomes, while goats have 60 chromosomes. PBS  When I saw this Mom

Restaurant Review Town Hall Burger and Beer Durham NC

It's time to try a new restaurant.  I was invited by my friend Cindy to  Town Hall Burger and Beer  in Durham.  Let's go.... After having a look at the menu I decided to get a classic cheeseburger.  Here is their description... " Certified Angus Beef patty, lettuce, tomato, onion & choice of cheese served on brioche." I also tried out the fried pickles  with jalapeño ranch. The burger was delicious.  I loved it. Fried pickles were really good too.  The jalapeño ranch was a bit too spicy for me.   I would probably go with plain ranch next time.   Being a wine girl I know very little about beer.  Town Hall seems to have a nice selection of beer.  Here is their list... Beer List ... They serve wine and Bottled Boylans Sodas too. The Bar. Cindy and I plan to go back to check out the bar.. Town Hall Burger and Beer Menu   I loved my burger.  Looking at his picture makes me want to go back today:-) They have daily specials and weekly

Celebrity Dairy Open Barn Event

I have been to Celebrity Dairy three times for their open barn events.  So much fun.  The location is beautiful and the baby goats adorable.  They are open this weekend but sadly I will not be able to attend.  That won't stop me from going back and looking at my old blog posts and remembering the joy of my prior visits.  I will stop by their website and see what is happening.  Join me.... A quote from  their site in regard to an open barn event... "We'll have lots of kids by then, and chances are pretty good that more than one birth will occur during our Open Barn. No matter what the weather, the action occurs in the barn, and under a roof. Come dressed for the weather. If you're hungry, we'll have food and beverages available in the Inn." Celebrity Dairy I just had a wonderful time exploring Celebrity Dairy via my blog. It is not only a farm but an Inn.  You can stay the night and enjoy a country breakfast and spend time with the

Another Broken Egg Cafe in NC

I was glad to hear they have opened a new restaurant in my area.  Another Broken Egg Cafe.  They serve breakfast and lunch.  It is opened 7am-2pm daily.  I have been 3 times since they opened.  I really enjoy both the decor the food and the service.   (Their logo) Here is what they say on their website....along with a couple of their photos... "Another Broken Egg Cafe so unique. Since 1996, when our original Broken Egg Café opened in Old Mandeville, La., it’s been our passion to create exceptional dishes for breakfast, brunch, and lunch that are "craveably" delicious with an artisanal flair!" (Photo from their site) (Another photo from their site) Another quote... "Established in 1996, Another Broken Egg isn't your typical breakfast, brunch and lunch place. Our menu is second-to-none, loaded with fresh ingredients and creative recipes across a wide variety of breakfast classics, memorable brunch dishes and lunchtime favorites. And each locat