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Travel-Millstone Creek Orchard in Ramseur NC.

Several years ago, before the Covid Pandemic, I had a strong desire to visit an apple orchard.  Living in the triangle area of NC, I had heard of wonderful orchards in the mountains of NC, but I was not aware of any orchards near me.  I did some research and found an orchard about an hour from me in Ramseur, NC.  I gathered up Caleb and Maggie, and we went on a field trip to  Millstone Creek Orchard. Our first visit in 2019  was just before Covid hit, and we had a blast.  There was a playground area for the kids, a shop with apple-related food and goodies, and a hayride that took us out to see the vineyards where we could pick our own apples. I remember buying some apple cider and some apple cider donuts.  They were both delicious. Caleb was so excited about the donuts; they were fresh from the oven and seemed to melt in your mouth.   Last week Maggie, Caleb, and I were off to visit the zoo.  I knew we would pass by Millstone Creek Orchards, so we decided to stop by on our way home.  W