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Places-The Cotton House Cary NC

I have been to the  Cotton House  in Cary twice.  Once on a food truck night with Erica and Josh and another time with a friend. Their primary focus is beer but luckily for me, they have wine too, happy day. The venue is a historic home built in 1900. There is plenty of seating, both inside and out. I tried to find some information on this piece of sculpture, but I could not.  It is beautiful and extremely detailed.  I did see an old photo of the house, and it had a tall stump of a tree in the yard.  So I will assume that someone made a lovely carving out of the stump. Food Trucks and Mayton Inn The first time I visited the Cotton House, it was on an evening they had a food truck.   The truck for the evening was  The Humble Pig .  I ordered a BBQ plate, and it was delicious.  They also partner with the  Mayton Inn  that is right beside them.  You can place an order with the Inn, and they will bring the order to you at the Cotton House.   Interior The interio

Places-A Blast From the Past "The Piedmont Farm Tour"

This is a blast from the past.  My first experience visiting the Piedmont Farm Tour.  I had never heard of it, but this was their 16th year.  There were 40 farms on tour this year.  We only had a few hours and wanted to see them all, but realistically knew we had to narrow it down.  So with our map in hand, we selected 4 farms to visit....let the fun are a few shots of our adventure. So cute, I wanted to take him home:-) I  listened to the talk given by the farmer and learned about sustainable crops.  He said that after a field was harvested then turkeys and chickens came in and ate from the site, and when they were done they send in the pigs, and they clear the land.  Everything works together.  Makes total sense.  Of course, I was off taking pictures and playing with the puppies, so I missed most of the talk, but that's ok because I love taking pictures.....and petting puppies:-) As I was reading about each farm, I ke