Wine Wednesday-Let's Visit a NC Winery-tunnel Creek Vineyards in Roxboro NC


It's Wine Wednesday.  Let's visit a local winery.  

Tunnel Creek Vineyards in Roxboro, NC.

Here is a quote from their website...

"Imagine a place where serenity meets exhilaration, modesty meets magnificence, and exclusivity meets affordability."

It is about an hour and twenty-minute drive from where I live in West Cary.  I like to drive, especially in the country, so the trip was a joy.
Let's head in for a tasting...

The tasting room is lovely.  I like the wood and the long bar.  It is a beautiful venue for a wine tasting.
The wine tasting cost $20.00.  The range in wine prices that I found online was $24.99-$48.99.
Another quote from the site...
"This gorgeous facility boasts an all-wood interior that looks and smells amazing. 
One cannot help but feel this is the perfect setting to taste new wines." 

Here is a list of their wines. 

Quote from the site...

"Want to stay inside as close to the wine as possible?  Our live music and indoor seating are perfect for you.  Want to get a little fresh air and enjoy the outdoors?  Our picnic tables, balcony, and terrace areas are sure to please as you cozy up next to our oversized fire pit."

They provide both indoor and outdoor seating.  Outside is a fire pit that would be a nice place to sip your wine.  If you decide to sit outside the view of the countryside is lovely.

I asked about the vineyard's name.  They said Tunnel Creek comes from an actual tunnel on the property.  Many days you can walk to the tunnel, but the day we were there, it had just rained, and they said it was very muddy and did not recommend we visit the tunnel.  I would love to go back on a drier day and check it out.   I found an article in Hyco Lake Magazine that gives insight into the winery and the tunnel.

I enjoyed my visit to Tunnel Creek Vineyards.  I would like to return for one of their events.  
Check out their website for more information. 

Tunnel Creek Vineyards
1576 Berryhill Road
Roxboro, NC 27574
Phone:  336-322-3600

Happy Wine Sipping, Everyone!


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